Hemlock outed by the SCMP?

Like many expats in Hong Kong I have enjoyed the writings of Hemlock for several years, but his identity has always remained a mystery and he apparently makes some effort to keep it that way.I was, therefore, somewhat shocked to see a feature in today’s Post Magazine openly identifying him as one Alvin Siddow and posting his photo (which is certainly of a face I think I recognise from the FCC where Hemlock claims to spend some time). However, the name is not listed in the FCC Membership Directory (not the most reliable of documents) and throws up almost nothing on Google. Moreover the description of Mr Siddow as “a therapist and lifestyle adviser” doesn’t seem to fit.

Cock-up by the SCMP? Some sort of diversionary tactic to draw people off the real scent?

Or did Hemlock just decide that the stress of living under cover was too much for him?



11 Responses to Hemlock outed by the SCMP?

  1. TenInch says:

    Alvin Siddow

    or David Winslow

    or Davis Windlov

    or Didi Slowvan


  2. Spike says:

    That’s not Hemlock

  3. Digital Blonde says:

    Don’t really care who he is, the guy makes me yawn

  4. smog says:

    Well OK – I guessed that too (my money would be on Jake van der Kamp). So what’s going on? Just a late April Fool?

  5. Spike says:

    It is definitely weird. It would not be unusual for SCMP to accept a claim like that on face value and not check on it. Anyone who actually reads the blog would know that someone who is a “therapist and lifestyle adviser” would not have access to the information he does. Someone, somewhere is taking the piss.

    Besides, what motive would someone have in making that claim? It will be interesting to see Hemlock’s blog tomorrow.

  6. Fai Mao says:

    The motive behind outing a prominent blogger would be that it effectively silences him. Many of the things Hemlock says in his blog are based upon his being able to observe the high-and-mighty without their knowing who he is. If they know that what they say to him will appear in print online tomorrow then they might be more circumspect. Also, if he is outed then other around him are outed as well. The Big Boss, Mrs Fang the hunter killer secretary, Winky Ip, Odell who cheats on his wife and the whole lot of them. Outing Hemlock could, assuming that even some of those people mentioned in his blog are based upon real people could cause problems for a fair number of others.

    My employer certainly wouldn’t like some of the things I say.

    I don’t think that Newspapers like blogs very much. I think they sometimes feel threatened by blogs

  7. Ham says:

    That’s not Hemlock, at least it doesn’t seem like the Hemlock that hosted the NTSCMP podcast.

    The radio Hemlock sounded very much like a man aged 50+ and probably reasonably overweight – basically he had the sound of a slightly rotund older gentlemen. That Alvin Siddow looks nothing like such a person and I just can’t picture Hemlock’s voice coming out of his mouth.

  8. LT says:

    I though the picture looked familiar then realised it looked like two or three blokes I see ’round town. Then I reckoned that Hemlock himself had written some BS to take the piss.
    Then Juno pointed out (cos I’m getting forgetful) that SCuMP is a bag of spanners and gets everything wrong.
    Nowt in Hemlocks blog today….

  9. smog says:

    So today Mr Hemlock himself explains what happened:

    I hope that:
    a) David Wilson and the SCMP have a sense of humour
    b) The person whose photo they used does also

    It is a sad, but depressingly familiar, reflection on the quality of the journalism (and copy editing) at the SCMP that they would take all of this at face value without any common sense validation at all.

  10. Mr Phibbs says:

    I thought it was HK’s worst kept secret that our company lawyer was none other than ‘Dr’ George Adams.

  11. smog says:

    For those apparently coming to my blog looking for Hemlock’s new location, it is this: http://biglychee.com/blog/ although he has tried to reposition it as a joint effort with someone else.

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