Jaw droppingly ignorant remark of the week…

… must be the one reported by The Standard from one Joseph Law, chairman of the “Hong Kong Employers of Domestic Helpers Association” (which a quick Google will show could probably be more accurately named “The Hong Kong Association for the Restoration of Slavery”).

Mr Law “said inflation in Hong Kong has a minimal effect on the livelihood of domestic helpers since they usually spend money just one day a week, He said that for each 5 per cent of inflation, the wage increase for domestic helpers should be just 1 per cent”.

I can only hope that Mr Law doesn’t require any level of numeracy for whatever his day job is. If he finds that he does, I’m sure his domestic helper would be happy to give him some lessons – for a suitable fee.

Sadly, the same Google shows that the Hong Kong Government actually gives these people the time of day and invites them to advise consultative committees. I wonder if they would do the same for a “Hong Kong Association of Humane Employers of Domestic Helpers”?


One Response to Jaw droppingly ignorant remark of the week…

  1. walnuthk says:

    Edison Chen’s home movies and photos are released to the public – the entire police force is roped into protecting the star(s) and a massive police presence is witnessed at Edison’s subsequent public apology.

    A Helper in DB flees her employer’s home – barefoot – in suspicious circumstances and is discovered drowned in Tung Chung (after trying unsuccessfully to board an Airport Bus). Police say that the death was of natural causes.

    A tycoon is caught breaking the speed limit, at a speed that should have his license suspended. He hires lawyers to challenge the speed gun use and escapes with a fine.

    A Helper forgets to put a few pieces of fruit on Wellcome’s checkout (they were at the bottom of the trolley) and is convicted of shoplifting and is deported from Hong Kong.

    The two-faced racist attitude of the government and the legal system in this town is embarrassing.

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