Eugene Pao & friends – Classic Rock

Just back from an excellent gig at Grappa’s Cellars where Eugene Pao & some friends performed an excellent classic rock gig this evening.

There were superb covers of a whole range of stuff including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Cream, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and one or two others that temporarily slip my mind.

Fortunately, since the similar show a while ago which was broadcast live on RTHK3 and which had terrible feedback problems, Skip Moy (who does the sound at Grappa’s) has worked out how to get it right and it was perfect this time. Since that gig the band has also been joined by an extra vocalist which certainly worked well: good though Adrian da Silva is, Pete Moore just has more power for this sort of stuff.

The full line-up was:

Eugene Pao (lead guitar)
Pete Moore (vocals)
Adrian da Silva (guitar & vocals)
“Cookie” (bass)
Jun Kung (drums)

They were all superb, but Jun Kung in particular is a stunningly good drummer.

If you see all or any of these guys playing then take the chance to go and see them – they do all sorts of stuff, from working with orchestras through jazz and dance clubs to classic rock.


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