Obama on faith & values

It is so refreshing to have a US President who isn’t under the cosh of Christian fundamentalists, or indeed of religion in general. The Heresiarch has written an excellent piece analysing and contrasting the speeches of Messrs Obama and Blair at a recent event; it is long but well worth the effort. It is great to see that not only does Obama make a point of reaching out to all faiths, he explicitly and repeatedly includes humanists in his comments and explicitly acknowledges that a decent moral code does not require a religion.

Clearly it is still very early in the process, but could Obama’s election possibly mark the being of the end of the period (short in the history of mankind) during which religious delusionists have been the major force in the world? We can only hope so.

One Response to Obama on faith & values

  1. fumier says:

    A good link, and it is good news that there is someone sane in charge. I get the feeling with Obama that when, he says “God bless America” (for example, after his speech last night), he is just playing safe in the lowest key permissible in American politics and that even this will gradually get watered down.

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