Is the UK totally screwed up or what?

I’m a Brit. I haven’t lived in the UK for a while, but it’s where I grew up and I can’t deny that it’s what shaped me.

But I am seriously worried about the choosing of the next Prime Minister. It seems that the UK will end up with (yet another) narcissistic, blow hard old-Etonian twat, when there is at least one person running against him who has real world experience of real people across a range of cultures. And he’s even smoked opium in Iran. How good is that? Surely much better than snorting coke in Knightsbridge? I’ve read his book, and it’s clear that he is far more in touch with the world than Boris.

I can’t believe that the UK population as a whole would chose Boris Johnson over Rory Stewart, but, sadly, it seems all too clear that the Conservative Party will.

If you haven’t read Mr Stewart’s book then I strongly recommend that you do so.

If Hong Kong wasn’t so messed up I’d be looking to naturalise and renounce my UK passport!

2 Responses to Is the UK totally screwed up or what?

  1. Si says:

    Unless you are proposing to get Chinese nationality or god forbid HK independence I don’t see how you could renounce your British nationality…

    (Nice blog btw, I keep citing your commentary on cap 200 s120 every couple years)

  2. smog says:

    Yes, that would be the way. I was considering naturalising here a few years back when I was married to someone without right of abode in the UK (and who could not therefore have inherited my estate without the UK coming after it for Inheritance Tax first). I have a couple of friends who have naturalised here for exactly that reason.

    And thanks for the compliment. Someone linked the “Procurement by False Pretences” post on Facebook today, so it’s been getting a load of hits. Apart from that it’s the Albert Yeung Pimping post which is the perennial favourite!

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