Hong Kong’s problem in a nutshell

RTHK (who have been admirable as a public service broadcaster over the past few months) report that Ip Kwok-him, who is a member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong (i.e. the Chief Executive’s inner cabinet of advisors), has said that Hong Kong youth are not clever enough to be behind some aspects of the recent protests.

This sums up the current situation exactly: we are governed (if that’s not too strong a word) by a bunch of people who seem to fall into one of two groups:

  • many, such as Mr Ip, are of extremely limited intellect, and are elevated to the ExCo simply on the grounds of decades of shoe-shining rather than any significant achievements of any sort; they simply can’t grasp that there are Hongkongers a third of their age who are of a dramatically higher calibre than them
  • others, such as the Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, who, whilst undoubtedly of high brainpower in some IQ-like sense, have absolutely zero understanding of the world in which their subjects live. This is a woman who doesn’t know where to buy toilet rolls or how to use an Octopus Card.

It seems that in order to get a feel for “the street” Mrs Lam elevates people like Mr Ip to the ExCo (he was first appointed by CY Leung, but the point is true in general). And we all see the result: a government now in paralysis because they have absolutely zero understanding of what is going on, and, as a result, no idea what to do about it.

The “blame the foreigners” line is straight out of the Chinese Communist Party’s playbook: if  Chinese people do something unacceptable to you then it must be a malicious foreign influence because (in the utterly racist worldview of the CCP) all ethnically Chinese people must be somehow inherently programmed to be loyal and obedient servants of the CCP. The flipside to this is, of course, that the many Hongkongers of non-Chinese ethnicity are automatically maligned by the CCP and still deemed “foreign”, even if their families have lived here for many generations and they are HK Citizens. The CCP still can’t comprehend the concept of nationality/loyalty that isn’t based on race, and therein lies one of its biggest fundamental problems.

I really don’t know what a good road ahead for HK now might look like, but it seems clear to me that a key part of it should involve getting morons like Mr Ip off the ExCo and replacing them with people who have a genuine understanding of what is going on in our town.

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