“Procurement by false pretences” – the HK legal system makes an ass of itself

January 6, 2010

There are so many issues raised by the case brought against a self-proclaimed Taoist practitioner accused of duping a young model into having sex, and by the verdict and judgement delivered against him, that it is difficult to know where to start. But there is no doubt in my mind that the Hong Kong legal system (normally so sound) has made a complete ass of itself in this case.

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Food & Drink labelling in Hong Kong

December 15, 2008

My rant for the week is about both the poor requirements of food labelling in Hong Kong and the lax enforcement of such standards as do exist.

Firstly ingredients: the Government in its wisdom recently introduced new food labelling regulations for Hong Kong. Not content with accepting that if, say, the food was labelled adequately in English for the US, EU or Australian markets then that would be sufficient, they insisted on imposing their own rules and hence requiring almost all imported foodstuffs to be relabelled specifically for Hong Kong, thereby imposing a significant cost increase on the suppliers or distributors and thence price increases on the consumers. Read the rest of this entry »

Pimping, Albert Yeung style

April 20, 2008

The SCMP reports today on some of the details of the contract which Albert Yeung Sau Shing’s Emperor Entertainment Group has with one Isabella Leong. If any doubt remained that this man is basically a pimp procuring young girls as his slaves then it is pretty much dispelled now. Read the rest of this entry »

Thoughts on online copyright in Hong Kong

February 25, 2008

Since some forums don’t seem to appreciate any discussions which require more than a sentence or two, I’ll put here some thoughts on the current discussions on Copyright in Hong Kong, particularly as it relates to the internet and issues raised by the Edison Chen photo affair.

One “Dragonball” commented in HKExpats:

I’m still a wee bit concerned that posting a Youtube link could be copyright infringement.

It seems to me that this depends on the legal interpretation of this section (s.26) of the Copyright Ordinance:

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