A toady comes visiting

November 16, 2009

Hemlock, in an excellent post yesterday, highlighted that the people cosying up to and riding on the coat tails of the property cartel tycoons include a fair few gweilos, one such being Mr Rory O’Grady, on whose toadying and self-interested letter to the SCMP Hemlock commented. Read the rest of this entry »

A place of my own at last

February 25, 2008

Having repeatedly got fed up with admin policies at various forums in Hong Kong, I’ve finally got round to setting this place up as somewhere to share thoughts with anyone who cares to listen and, I hope, trigger some intelligent and rational discussion, free from censorship and pandering to political correctness.

Or, if certain people are correct, I’ll just sit here and watch the tumbleweed roll by.

I’ll also put up occasional reviews of bars, restaurants, films, arty things and stuff like that.

Look at “About smog’s blog” for how comments will work here.

Let’s see how it goes.