What I would ask Mrs Lam

August 13, 2019

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive (in name only), Mrs Carrie Lam, is rolled out every few days by her puppet-masters in Beijing to do press conferences where she says absolutely nothing new and simply says: “we’re in the shit; please stop doing this or very bad things may happen”.

Now, of course, it is pretty much entirely due to Mrs Lam and her (so-called) government that we are in this shit, and since finding ourselves there they have shown absolutely no understanding of how we got there or what to do about it. But that ground has been covered repeatedly.

What I would like to address is why Mrs Lam, who is, at some level, an intelligent person, is still our Chief Executive (in name only). She is on record previously as saying that she was preparing to retire from her previous role (as Chief Secretary) to her home in the UK with her husband and son (who are both UK citizens). Yet, for reasons that are not at all clear, she took the role when pushed by Beijing (reportedly much to the annoyance of her husband), and now she is in some really deep doo-doo as a result.

It is reported that when it was clear that her Extradition Bill was making things go completely pear-shaped she resigned from her job, but that the Communist Party refused her resignation. Now this is a concept I don’t understand. When I resign, I resign. I simply don’t go to work the next day (and, maybe, forfeit some notice period pay). How can someone be forced to do the job of HK Chief Executive (in name only)?

So if I were in a press conference hosted by her, this would be my question:

“Mrs Lam, from your previous distinguished career in the Hong Kong Civil Service it is clear that you are an intelligent, decent, and honourable person. It is well-understood that you took the role of Chief Executive against the wishes of your family, and against your previously declared intentions. It is also now understood that you have attempted to resign and that the Communist Party has refused your resignation. Please would you clarify two things for me:

  1. How does this concept of a refused resignation work? Is there someone with a gun who forces you to get out of bed every day and at least make a pretence of being a leader?
  2. I feel that, in the absence of a gun to your head, the only reason why a decent and honourable person such as yourself would continue debasing themself as you are doing is that the alternative is very bad indeed. Are your family in a safe place out of the reach of the Communist Party? Or, alternatively, is there some skeleton in your closet which, as a good practising Catholic, you cannot bear to be exposed? An abortion perhaps, or an affair with Chris Patten? I think I can speak for most Hongkongers in saying that we would very happily forgive you these sins were you simply to do the right thing now!”