The end of Hong Kong is nigh

For the first time the Chinese Communist Party (through its HK branch the DAB) is attacking Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma.

I fear that Hong Kong’s days as anything other than a medium sized Chinese city are now numbered in months rather than years. At some point all the judges with integrity will resign, to be replaced by Communist Party lackeys. And then it is clearly game over.


One Response to The end of Hong Kong is nigh

  1. Pope Innocent says:

    Hong Kong ended in 1982 when the British government finally saw the opportunity to divest itself of this barren rock without losing face, something that had been on the card ever since QV was lumbered with it. What is more surprising is that it is taking so long for the corpse to stop twitching. Does anyone genuinely believe that things will get better before the PRC collapses? Even then there will be either chaos or a new regime as bad as the old.

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